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Die Künstlerin über sich

Painter & Writer

Born in 1987 in Cracow. Intermedia artist, writer, journalist, editor, webmaster. Since 2011 MA in journalism at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, both theses in the field of photojournalism. She is passionate about painting, contemporary literature and documentary photography. In 2011, she won second prize in a photo competition organized by the distributor of documentaries, feature artistic cinema and one of the most important documentary film festival in Europe – PLANETE DOC FILM FESTIVAL – Against Gravity. She paints figurative oil and acrylic paintings in the aesthetic tendency of magic realism, in compilation of styles: realism, pop art and surrealis

The theme of the paintings are people in vintage style, who are usually presented as a dynamic black and white silhouettes presented on the color background, in combination with motifs of modern times in situations reflecting the personal experiences of the author. Elements build space are taken from old photos, as well as her own photographs. In her compositions she likes to leave a bit of understatement. She constantly evolving her technic, challenging herself and looking for new inspirations.

Events & Expositions
2016 (march), Charity art auction, Dar Nadziei, Nowe Brzesko, Poland
2016 (june), collective exposition in Polishjungart, Vienna